About Us

What is the Aloha Management Group?

The Aloha Management Group was founded by Keola Stietzel and Lori Wescott. Keola, originally from beautiful Hawaii, set out to come to the mainland and spread the way of life he grew up learning to live. 

After meeting co-founder Lori Wescott, it was very clear they had the same mission in mind– to help as many people as possible find a way to reach success and happiness with a beautiful balance. 

AMG is not just a company, but a way of life. No matter background, age, race, creed or color, Keola and Lori believe everyone should and does have the opportunity to be their best selves. They will stop at nothing on their mission to change people’s lives and change the community they work within.

Our Mission

We are a collective of go-getters, entrepreneurs, and people developers who take a steadfast approach to cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. Our mission is to help organizations expand their efforts and their message by interacting and engaging with the community directly. We achieve this by being present in the community and building meaningful relationships with its members. Our clients trust us to assist them in achieving their goals, and we take pride in delivering results that have a positive impact on the community.

Dallas Skyline Reflection at Dawn, Downtown Dallas, Texas, USA

Our Efforts

We focus on several national and community efforts. Our method allows us to create meaningful partnerships in Dallas and across the nation to raise awareness and funds for multiple causes simultaneously.

Our Current Partner

At A Family In Need, the organization’s mission is to empower families facing adversity, promoting strength, resilience, and unity. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive support for families dealing with challenges such as cancer, autism awareness, hunger, and financial hardships. By offering a range of resources, compassion, and advocacy tailored to each family’s unique needs, they aim to create a lasting positive impact and foster connections that go beyond momentary relief. Through their multifaceted approach, including financial aid, educational initiatives, and community outreach, they strive to build a holistic support system. Click the logo to visit their website!

A Heartfelt Thank You From A Family In Need

Previous Partnerships

Promotion Spotlight: Jason Jones

Congratulations to Jason Jones for his promotion to the position of “Training Specialist.” Jason’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to our organization has been truly exceptional. We look forward to witnessing his continued success in this new role!