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We're Expanding to Fort Worth,TX

Part of our companies growth plan has always been to extend our reach as far as possible within our community. That is why we are very excited to announce our expansion into Fort Worth, TX. as well as congratulate the individual leading this expansion, Corey!

Through this expansion we aim to provide even greater services to the local homeless shelters, children’s hospitals and women’s shelter all throughout the DFW area while also expanding our companies demand for managerial and support roles thus providing more jobs and opportunity for our supporters!Looking to be a part of the growth? Join us by submitting an application today!

What We Do

At the Aloha Management Group we have one goal in mind and one mission, to grow as many professionals as possible. 

We have over 10 years of combined experience in training professionals to become leaders in their field by instilling fundamentals that will follow them through their journey to a work life balance they design. 

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Our Affiliate Partners

Eileen Irvine

I joined AMG due to the opportunity for growth, but once I really got to know Keola and Lori Stietzel it became a family I was a part of.

Great vibes, endless support, and coaching that is unparalleled. They are always pushing me to go beyond my boundaries and step outside of my comfort zone.

They've heightened my entrepreneurial spirit and have continued to inspire me to reach for and achieve more.

Their program CHANGED MY LIFE!

If i am not working towards my professional goals it is simple, I spend my free time creating as many new memories as I can that will stick with my children and I forever.

We love to visit the park, the shore and love exploring!

I truly want to grow my knowledge of stocks and real estate and begin investing in my future for myself and my family.

I would also love to create a more communal togetherness in my community and help startup and mentor small business owners.

All adding to my WISE Empire portfolio.

"I want to help as many people as I can to grow and reach new pinnacles they've never dreamed of!"

Kulia i ka nu’u

Strive to reach your highest potential.

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